Stag - Original Artwork

Stag - Original Artwork

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This Deer painting is a straight on view of a stag in a field in front of a wood. It’s a contemporary with vivid color and done with the unique patterning style of Nicole Kristiana. The stencil patterning reflects the natural environment while the complex use of color and form bring out the characteristics of the Buck and its natural camouflage. Through the painterly technique, the deer is abstract and realistic at the same time. Using gouache like spray paint sets this piece apart from a tradition piece and adds to the dynamic feel.


The work is 22” x 30” done in pencil, gouache, charcoal and acrylic - all artist-grade.  High quality Arches cold press 140 LB 300 GSM paper with deckled edge.


Local delivery suggested. We do not ship internationally at this time.


Can be paired with the Black Bear and/or Squirrel beautifully.