Raccoon Artwork Print

Raccoon Artwork Print

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Raccoon, devious, delightful, the forest dwelling creature is amazing in so many ways. He's a woodland creature with human-like hands and a mask! Done in forest colors and patterns of trees and woodland, this raccoon painting really stands out! All the patterns in this artwork reflect the forest: pine needles, leaves, rocks and bark. All of the earth tones are made even more vibrant with some hints of gold.


This Giclee print is available in (Height x Width)Â

13" x 19" (Mats to 18" x 24")
11" x 14" (Mats to 16" x 20")
8.5" x 11" (Mats to 11" x 14")
8" x 10" (Mats to 11" x 14")
5" x 7" (Mats to 8" x 10")

Each print is hand signed and numbered