Ostrich Art Print
Ostrich Art Print

Ostrich Art Print

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The myth of the Ostrich sticking her head in the sand started because in fact lady ostriches (Misstriches?) lay their eggs in a hole like nest and spend several times a day flipping and checking their future chicks. Although these large flightless birds are not known for their intelligence both genders are excellent parents to their offspring. They are also incredible athletes being the fastest two legged animals on earth. This whimsical art piece combines bright colors and highly detailed patterns. Would love to see this hanging in a kitchen, for those who want more than just a chicken.

This Giclee print is available in (Height x Width)

19" x 13" (Mats to 24" x 18")
14" x 11" (Mats to 20" x 16")
11" x 8.5" (Mats to 14" x 11")
10" x 8" (Mats to 14" x 11")
7" x 5" (Mats to 10" x 8")

Each print is hand signed and numbered