Dragonfly Art Print
Dragonfly Art Print

Dragonfly Art Print

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If you love dragonflies, you'll love this print! The artwork pays homage to the patterns and reflected colors on a dragonfly. It appears jeweled as in real life. This whimsical multi-colored piece is sure to add something wonderful to the room you place it in.

This Giclee print is available in (Height x Width)

19" x 13" (Mats to 24" x 18")
14" x 11" (Mats to 20" x 16")
11" x 8.5" (Mats to 14" x 11")
10" x 8" (Mats to 14" x 11")
7" x 5" (Mats to 10" x 8")

Each print is hand signed and numbered