Dolphin Art Print
Dolphin Art Print

Dolphin Art Print

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This Dolphin art print is full of happiness and energy, like enjoying the ocean! Complex and intricately executed, this piece moves like water to the eye. There's expression in the movement of the dolphin and the energy of the curling wave. This is a print comprised of hand-done work with gouache, watercolor, pencil and pen. The artwork is signed in ink before shipment.

This Giclee print is available in (Height x Width)

19" x 13" (Mats to 24" x 18")
14" x 11" (Mats to 20" x 16")
11" x 8.5" (Mats to 14" x 11")
10" x 8" (Mats to 14" x 11")
7" x 5" (Mats to 10" x 8")

Each print is hand signed and numbered