• When will my item ship?

    All prints are shipped within 3 business days.

  • What’s a mat? 

Nicole Kristiana Studio open and limited prints are available matted. A mat is an archival-backed white board that acts as an interior frame within the wood or metal frame that finishes your artwork for hanging. Having a mat protects your artwork by adding some space between the the glass or plexi and the art, so that the artwork doesn’t touch the surface. It also shows off the artwork more, giving it more attention.


  • What does Giclee mean? Archival?


Giclee is type of high-quality printing/reproduction. The inks are different from ordinary printer ink. The inks we use will not fade over time, and the colors are more vivid and intense. There is a higher concentration of pigment to make the colors bright and vibrant. Special printers are used to put the ink on the paper and the quality is at a minimum of 600 DPI. The paper we use is archival as well. It’s bright white with a high rag content and low acidity, which means the paper will not yellow or deteriorate like ordinary papers. It’s also thicker and more durable.


  • Are these handmade?


The originals, yes, of course! Prints are prints of the originals, but the entire process is managed inhouse. Nicole Kristiana Studio prints are all done onsite in my studio/home. They are printed singly or in small batches, and are each hand-fed and inspected. (No big-batch vendor printing.) Each artwork is 100% done by me, and each piece is hand-signed by me when ordered. Matted prints are matted and sleeved in the studio and checked over before they are yours.


  • What does “standard frame size” mean?


Standard frame size means that you do not have to go to a frame shop to custom-frame your artwork. You can easily purchase a pre-made frame at a local store or online. We worked hard to keep our costs low by doing the printing ourselves, so we wanted to ensure easy and cost-effective framing. Why would you pay 10x the price of the artwork to frame it?


  • Will these match my décor?


Sure! There are lots of colors in each of my pieces, so it’s bound to pick up some of your design palette. You can also enhance the look by adding a colored mat and by considering the frame color and material with your décor. If the artwork truly doesn’t work in your space. Please email or give us a call and we will work with you to return or replace your piece. The most important thing is that you enjoy your artwork!


  • Open Edition versus Limited Edition?

An Open Edition print is signed, but not numbered. There is no limit to the amount of reproductions that will be printed or owned. Limited editions have a set amount of prints that will be printed of each size. They are signed and numbered. Once that limit is reached, no more will be owned or sold. So, if it’s an edition of 50, only 50 people will ever own an artist-signed reproduction of that piece. Both open edition and limited-edition pieces tend to increase in value, but limited pieces will eventually have higher values due to scarcity.


  • What’s Gouache?


Gouache is an opaque watercolor. It’s a high-pigment matte paint that can be used either as transparent or opaque. It can be over-laid like acrylic or blended like watercolor. Gouache uses the same pigments as oil paints, but mixed in a water-based medium. The individual colors maintain the same properties as they do with oils. Gouache allows the artist to use very vibrant and vivid colors in their works, while having the ability to achieve great detail.