Stag Art Print

Stag Art Print

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A gift of nature, what better way to bring the king of the forest into your home then with this hand drawn and patterned stag print. This elegant and majestic deer adds a wisdom and a staggering beauty to the décor of your home. This beautiful contemporary print brings a delicate and whimsical homage to nature forward and is breathtaking. Each panel of the king’s fur-hide is hand patterned in a multitude of colors, cerulean blues, forest greens and an amber wheat gold. With the background blown airbrush technique adding a sophisticated professionalism to this pieces value and elegance.

Imagine, taking a stroll through an ancient forest just as summer turns to fall. Along your path enters an eight point Buck, strong and regal an awe inspiring gift from nature. This artwork captures that feeling, a connectedness to the earth, to the natural world, to all things. A spiritual feeling that you get while being in and surrounded by the natural world.

Perfect for colorful rooms, cabin and mountain homes, a true gift for those in your life who appreciate the outdoors.

This Giclee print is available in (Height x Width) 

19" x 13" (Mats to 24" x 18")
14" x 11" (Mats to 20" x 16")
11" x 8.5" (Mats to 14" x 11")
10" x 8" (Mats to 14" x 11")
7" x 5" (Mats to 10" x 8")

Each print is hand signed and numbered.