Jellyfish Art Print

Jellyfish Art Print

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Jellyfish really look like their dancing! This prin t of one does too! It has gorgeous reflection-like patterns. It captures the jellyfish's transluscency. The blues, aquas and purples blend seamlessly with the movement in the expressive sumi ink tendrils. There's always something more to see in this dynamic beach art print. Pairs well with the Octopus print!)

This Giclee print is available in (Height x Width)

19" x 13" (Mats to 24" x 18")
14" x 11" (Mats to 20" x 16")
11" x 8.5" (Mats to 14" x 11")
10" x 8" (Mats to 14" x 11")
7" x 5" (Mats to 10" x 8")

Each print is hand signed and numbered