About the Artist

About Nicole Kristiana

Art for Extraordinary Everyday Living.

A few years ago, I took an inventory of things that made me happy and decided to combine them in my paintings. It worked! The joy has caught on and Nicole Kristiana Studio came to life!

The happiness list includes odd animals I learned about watching PBS, intricate patterns from around the world, amazing colors, Asian artwork, feelings of Zen, rhythmic lines and butterflies!

I live in Bellefonte, a town of creative folks in Delaware. A typical day for me starts early with a loving greeting by my 85 lb puppy, Barnaby, and a trip downstairs to get ice from the freezer for Barnaby and a demanding Miss Kitty. They line up together every morning. This is generally followed by a trip outside to get the paper and preparing fruits and veggies to be juiced.

Barnaby’s not terribly fond of the juicer, so he generally goes upstairs to wake up Ross, my husband. After some yoga, food and checking on orders, I head to my dining room/studio, I flick on NPR on the computer and begin work on one of my pieces that are in progress. I work in both gouache and oil on different pieces. The dog and cat are often under the antique drafting table while I’m working.

I have a really nice studio space. There is a huge inspiration board pinned with bits of paper and printed out online finds. There’s also a long wall of bookshelves holding supplies and inventory. It’s all cherry wood and warm feeling. I uses M Graham paints primarily and carefully separated sable brushes for both oil and gouache. There are tons of glass jars with brushes and painting mediums on the tables. I’m 5′ 10″, so the tables and chairs are bar height.

Mid morning, I do a quick meditation and walk in Bellevue Park with the puppy. I feel that taking care of the body and mind is important for positively influencing my art.

After that, there’s shipping to get artwork prepared for the Postman who comes around 4 pm. If it’s a Friday, workday ends at 5 and Ross, Barnaby and I walk up to town. First, there’s a check in at Bellefonte Arts Gallery to say hello to Valerie and see what artworks have sold, then, across the street to the Bellefonte Café. Barnaby hangs out on the porch with us while we order and eat. Friday’s lamb curry day at the café! We have a standing order since they can sell out quickly.

There’s live music too, so, happily, I drink my wine, and listen to a set before walking back home.

We watch a lot of documentaries streaming since we cut off our cable service and I typically have my laptop while watching, so I can research painting and artists to help me grow in my art practice.

Next day, is likely and wonderfully about the same, but I might switch up to take inspiration photos at the park or do some marketing online.

Why the butterfly?

When I learned the art of letting things go, butterflies would show up in my life with amazing frequency. This was also about the time I knew that creating art was the passion of my life. So, it made a lot of sense to include the symbol within my artworks. The butterfly evolves. Like art, like life, the butterfly symbolizes change, and beautiful change at that. My art is ever evolving and so is the butterfly. Every year, I update the symbol to signify evolvement and to celebrate the passage of time.

Why I love the butterfly most is that it represents being free.Free like a butterfly. For me, I feel true freedom when I’m creating. The focus is meditative as I delve in to the layers. I work back and forth much like the movements of the butterfly, hopefully gracefully. And, of course, it symbolizes delight through the appreciation, evolvement and freedom. Nicole Kristiana Studio is the delightful butterfly for me, so it is the symbol in my works that’s why I call it the Ebullient Butterfly

The prints are done in a modern day printmaking process. Painting in gouache, watercolor, and a variety of ink are layered in each artwork. This work blends classical training and current conceptual art together in a wonderful expressive way. I studied art for over 12 years at five universities and Internationally in Italy.

I have participated in hundreds of shows and continue to work daily on my craft. :)

Email: nicole@nicolekristianastudio.com