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  • FEEL it! Nicole Kristiana Studio at the Bellefonte Arts Festival!

    NKS makes you feel the LOVE!

    Nicole Kristiana Studio Booth at the Bellefonte Arts Festival
  • Cutest mural picture! Bellefonte, DE! #NetDE

    Can't share the Michael's Bellefonte Barber Shop mural in Bellefonte, DE, yet, but I can show this amazing picture sent to me via Facebook!

    This wonderful little guy came up to see the mural with his grandma before it was finished, and was apparently quite take with the rabbit!


    BIG MURAL REVEAL- 7PM Michael's Bellefonte Barber Shop. 5/17

    Bellefonte Arts Festival - 5/18, 10 AM - 6 PM 800 Block Brandywine Blvd Bellefonte, DE

    Like my page for showings and up-to-date information!

  • Michael’s Bellefonte Barber Shop! Mural in Bellefonte, DE. Big REVEAL May 17, 2013!

    Thanks so much to Frank and Theresa for being huge supporters of my artwork and inviting me to paint on the wall of their shop!

    May 17th, Friday night at 7pm.

    Michael’s Bellefonte barbershop will proudly unveil the mural currently being painted on the back of the shop. (900 Brandywine blvd)
    Just a little background on how this came about.
    About a year ago, Theresa and I were looking for a way to support and promote the arts in Bellefonte. Valerie is doing such a fantastic job with the Bellefonte Arts Festival and we wanted to help promote her and all the local artists in Town. I made the offer to Valerie and also let her know how much we like Nicole Kristiana Logan’s work. Word got back to Nicole and she graciously agreed to create something wonderful for the Town. After a very busy year of getting married and all that comes along with that, Nicole is finally doing it. We are all very excited to see the final results.
    Please, everyone, join us on the May 17th at 7pm.
    We will have an unveiling ceremony and refreshments to get a very exciting weekend started!!

    Here's a teaser! Lots more to come!


  • 5 th Annual Bellefonte Arts Festival, in Wilmington, DE! Bellefonte Mural and more!

    Only about a month away!

    This year should be even more outstanding!
    The Bellefonte Arts Festival is Saturday May 18th.
    I will be there, in front of the Bellefonte Cafe with prints and a few remaining originals.
    (I would get these early, as some pieces are selling before they are offered.)

    The arts festival will have more talented vendors and beautiful artwork than in any years past!


    Also, I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity by Frank Holodick of Michael's Bellefonte Barber Shop to paint a mural on the entire side of his building! I will be painting the mural right up to the start of the Festival and the finished mural will be revealed on May 18th!

    Here's a little teaser... :)

    Nicole Kristiana Mural

    The Bellefonte Farmers Market opens for its first Saturday on May 18th as well! I hear there will be fresh veggies, fresh herbs, organic treats for pets and much more!

    In short, come to Bellefonte, DE, May 18th!

  • Nicole Kristiana Locations

    Places you can order and see my work!
    Current locations showing Nicole Kristiana Studio Artwork.

    Bellefonte Arts Gallery
    Wilmington, DE

    Fish Tales Home Decor
    Bethany Beach, DE

    Gallery One
    Chadds Ford, PA

    Pirate Coast Gallery
    Nags Head Gallery Row, NC

    Serendipity Shops of Doylestown
    Doylestown, PA

    Serendipity Shops of Avalon
    Avalon, NJ

    Always looking to grow and share, so please check in or ask for information on a location near you.

    Or, if you know a place near you where you would like to see my artwork, please send me a note or have the Gallery or Store contact me.

  • Lovely welcome from Fish Tales Decor in Bethany Beach, DE.

    Sharing a sweet welcome to Bethany Beach from Justin at Fish Tales Decor.


    "Super excited to introduce a fantastic artist from Northern Delaware to Fish Tales Home Decor! Nicole Logan of Nicole Kristiana Studio! We have a collection of her breathtaking work in our store!

    After receiving such a warm feedback this weekend we are excited to have a lasting relationship with Nicole, and of course her adorable sidekick Barnaby.

    Make sure you stop in this weekend and check out her work!

    Thanks Nicole and Barnaby!!!"

    Fish Tales Home Decor Photograph by Justin Noble Fish Tales Home Decor Photograph by Justin Noble
  • We've been busy! Fish Tales Decor & Serendipity Shops of Avalon.

    Thursday morning, Barnaby and I headed to Bethany Beach in Delaware. It was a nice slightly chilly day. I filled the car with artwork and displays, and with my blueberry-lilac tea, we went off for a wonderful days adventure.

    2013-03-28 08.29.52

    We got to Bethany and did a bunch of romping on the sand. It was so nice to be near the water and see sun sparkling on the ocean! Barnaby marauded around, racing from crashing waves and greeting other puppy friends. After getting tired out, we met Justin on the boardwalk.

    2013-03-28 10.34.56

    2013-03-28 10.29.41

    2013-03-28 10.29.19 - Copy

    I went up to see Fish Tales Decor. Awesome place! So many beautiful and creative items. I wanted an armful and a chandelier! Prints got delivered. Had a great time chatting and looking at things. I'll post pics when they come through! (I already got word that prints sold this weekend!)

    Had to cut our trip a little short to head up to Lewes, DE. We were taking the car over the Ferry to Cape May. Dogs are allowed on the ship! So, the remaining artwork, Barnaby and I, got on to the ferry. Loved the ferry and Barnaby was well-admired by many of the children on board.




    We made it to Serendipity Shops of Avalon in about 20 minutes. Barnaby was so tired after all his adventuring and entertaining. He slept in the car while I put up the displays and set out my artwork. I love the gallery Spot I'm in at Serendipity Avalon and was surprised at how many people were coming through on a Thursday in March! Spot turned out beautifully!

    this one


    Little Barnaby was so sleepy when we got home, he slept through pizza crusts! Poor little guy.

    Serendipty Doylestown was the next day, so I'll share that trip with you tomorrow. :)

  • Hippopotamus Painting

    It's finished!

    2013 Nicole Kristiana


    Painting in blues and purples.
    Original painting is 22.5" x 30" in gouache.
    M. Graham Artist's Gouache on 140lb Watercolor Paper. Paper has a deckled edge.

    All patterns are completely original to the pieces, hand-done.

    High quality archival limited edition prints available. Edition of 50 prints ea. at 3 sizes.
    13" x 19", 8.5" x 11", 5" x 7"

    Matted prints finished sizes are standard frame sizes, so they can be framed easily.
    18" x 24", 11" x 14", 8" x 10"

  • Update on the Hippopotamus... detail oriented.

    It's nearing completion! This piece has a lot of detail. I've been working more and more with my patterns and have been loving working on this piece.

    Doing the tight drawing has a meditative quality to it, and I'm enjoying the pride in workmanship of the fine patterning. I'm guessing I need about a week more and then ready for release!

    Base painting:



    Look at that face!

  • Coming to Bethany Beach, Fish Tales Decor!

    Just came back from a snowy, wet and cooooollllddd day at the beach. :)

    Flakes were HUGE as we drove down! It wasn't the type of snow that was supposed to stick, so no danger driving. It was surreal and pretty. Felt good to get out in to the wintery world, and I was happy to have Barnaby with us on his first road trip! It was delightful to share in his happiness of experiencing all the new things, even the startling pre-toll rumble strips. He was great, just shifted side-to-side once in a while and poked his head out at the tolls while I said "howdy" to the toll operator. It's family tradition. It's an awkward drawn out Hooooowwwwdeeee. Hysterial laughs every time:)

    Got down to Bethany Beach, no problem, and met with the lovely folks at Fish Tales. :) Justin and Diane are wonderful and fun to talk to! I'm happy to say, my artwork will be in Fish Tales Decor in late March. I'm very excited to be in their store! Loved that they let Barnaby in to say hi! It's fun to be in the chill beach mindset so early this year.

    Here's a little bit about the place:

    Beach was cold, and I didn't have time to re-layer properly before taking Barnaby out there, so it was short trip, but he loved it! He bounded around in the sand, and ran from the waves. Looked like this was the best thing he'd ever done and seen. The wind was tearing. Barnaby's leash had my arm wobbling like a chicken's when it caught in the wind. It was strong stormy mid-February ocean cold. My hands were icicles. Next time, I'll be smarter and take my time to put the gear I brought with me actually on, but it was so worth it! Loved every minute! :D

    Was a Great Day! Really excited to be in Fish Tales, hopefully, with many returns to Bethany Beach!

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