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  • Nicole Kristiana at UPENN Museum! VIX Emporium 11/15 - 11/16



    November 12, 2013
    Penn Museum And VIX Emporium Team Up To Present Gifts In The Galleries, A Two-Day Sale In University City, November 15-16

    Posted by Amy Carniol

    Penn Museum hosts a slew of artists and vendors for the first Gifts in the Galleries this weekend, Friday, November 15 and Saturday, November 16. (Photo courtesy Penn Museum)

    The Penn Museum provides a permanent home for nearly one million priceless artifacts, but on Friday, November 15 and Saturday, November 16, this renowned institution will also display a selection of today’s modern treasures.

    During Gifts in the Galleries, VIX Emporium takes over the museum’s recently renovated Kintner and Dietrich galleries, as well as the Widener Lecture Hall, presenting a comprehensive crafts fair with more than 50 exhibitors selling jewelry, ceramics, prints, baby gifts, and natural bath and body products.

    This two-day event will showcase popular and talented local artisans including Crash Pad Design, As the Crow Flies, Black Heart Letterpress and Nice Things Handmade.

    But this event is more than the average crafts fair. On Saturday, guests are encouraged to join the free instructional drum circle with internationally renowned Middle Eastern percussionist Joe Tayoun. Beginner and seasoned percussionists can choose between the 11 a.m. or the 1 p.m. drum circles.

    Admission to Gifts in the Galleries is free, and shoppers receive a coupon for $5 off of general admission to the museum on Saturday.

    Gifts in the Galleries
    When: Friday, November 15, 4-7 p.m.; Saturday, November 16, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
    Where: Penn Museum, 3620 South Street
    Cost: Free
    More info:

  • 2013 Show Dates and Happenings!

    Print Signing and meet the Artist-
    October 13, 2013 in Doylestown, PA.

    Come and meet the artist, have your artworks custom signed, make a request or place an order!
    Serendipity Shops of Doylestown!

    Serendipity Shops of Doylestown
    33 S Main St, Doylestown, PA 18901
    (484) 798-4503

    Newark Harvest Arts Festival
    Saturday, November 9 at 12 PM - 5 PM

    UD Parents' weekend and Harvest Arts Festival!
    Now in its fifth year, the Harvest Arts Festival is a celebration of the arts, with local artists displaying their fine art and crafts for sale, live music, and children’s art activities in the center of downtown Newark. The Festival is held during the University of Delaware’s “Parents & Family Weekend,” which is one of the busiest weekends of the fall.

    Gifts In The Galleries
    Announcing a new show, where modern arts & crafts meet ancient artifacts: Gifts in the Galleries. This special event will take place on November 15 and 16
    at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, at 3260 South Street.

    I will be selling my works in the galleries!

    More to follow!

  • And, here it is. The Nicole Kristiana Studio Fall 2013 Collection of Sea Creatures.

    Here are all 4 of the Beach House - Sea Creatures Limited Edition Collection. Nicole's most wonderful collection of Beach Art yet!

    Squid, Nautilus, Shrimp, Marlin.

    Limited Edition Prints Edition of 200 each.

    These work as a set of 4, in sets of 2, or stunning as single pieces.


    So many amazing blues are captured in this painting. The mighty marlin is covered in luxurious aquatic colors. He twists with grace and strength, caught in a leap! The Marlin is one of the most noble ocean fish. Its strength and grace are represented in the unique patterns and composition of this one of a kind print.



    Your search for a brilliantly colored nautilus painting is finally over! It’s here for your taking, layers upon layer of original painted tightly knit patterns coming together to glorify this magnificent creature. The print almost glows as it rests in it’s space with corals, blues and browns in this truly unique print. If you’re looking for a great nautilus artwork, this is it.



    Now that’s a mighty shrimp! This painting is done in exquisite happy colors: blues, oranges, greens and purples. The delicate legs are lovingly and carefully painted around the body, to patterned precision. The tendrils seem to dance whimsically around the page. You can bring a great sense of playful energy to your home by purchasing this delightful print!



    Is he dapper? Clever? Why yes, he’s a squid! There’s such fun and authentic movement in this artwork. From the carefully drawn pattern on each and every leg, to the mesmerizing interplay of blues and greens, you can’t help enjoying his watery dance. Sure to be a splendid addition to your home or beach house.


    Image size: 13"x19" , 11”x14”, 8.5"x11" or 5"x7"

    Paper material: Ultra Premium, high quality with rich archival and lightfast inks

    Get yours before they sell out!

  • Nicole Kristiana New Fall 2013 Artworks! Sneak Preview!

    On September 7th, 2013, the new Nicole Kristiana Studio Fall Art Collection will be made available online at: and

    Each piece stands alone beautifully, and the art pieces work as a set. There will be 4 sizes available of each new artwork, there's a perfect size for any home decor need! Prints are editions of 200.

    The BIG REVEAL with early edition prints available will be at Bellefonte Arts Gallery in Bellefonte, DE, on September 6th from 6-9pm!

    Want to reserve a print?
    Please contact me at:

    Or, contact your local retailer!

    Here are some preview images!

    More to follow!




  • BIG NEWS! Nicole Kristiana Studio is September's Featured Artist! SEPTEMBER 6TH

    Introducing 4 fantastic new works!

    Bellefonte Arts Gallery in Bellefonte, DE is hosting NKS as their featured artist for the month of September!
    The BIG Event, Art Loop, is September 6th. 6 pm to 9 pm.

    I will be releasing four new pieces, early edition prints. The originals will be available! Get there soon!
    We expect to sell out quickly!

    The event is also a BYOV extravaganza! BRING YOUR OWN VINYL to share and exchange!

    Don't miss your chance to be one of the first to get a piece from the new collection!

    Also, if you haven't seen it yet! This would be a great opportunity to view and take pictures at the Bellefonte Mural on the back wall of Michael's Bellefonte Barber Shop!

  • A Delaware artists brings the beach indoors

    Recently, while sneaking in an early summer getaway, our in-house beach bum (if only she could be!) discovered the artwork of Nicole Kristiana on display at Serendipity Shops of Avalon. A cooperative set-up, much like our Loft, Serendipity offers a variety of home furnishings, clothing and accessories, gifts and jewelry. Always on the lookout for new items to share with The Loft at Knots & Weaves customers, our curious shopper spent a lot of time checking out the merchandise. As she walked around the collection of vendors, the brightly colored, beach-themed gouache paintings by artist Nicole Logan caught her eye.

    Her first reaction was to the color and texture of each painting, as well as each subject’s—primarily sea life—whimsical portrayal. Along with being captivated by the shading, structure, pattern and hue of each painting, Kerry felt a flash of light-hearted summertime fun, and a new appreciation for the gouache technique. Immediately she approached someone for information on the artist, in hopes of bringing a selection of the artist’s works to The Loft. Her research led her to a news story about Logan unveiling an outdoor mural around Memorial Day, on an exterior wall of Bellafonte Arts gallery and studio located outside Wilmington, Delaware.

    After visiting her website, and learning about the mural, the rest of us here at Knots & Weaves grew curious too. Here’s what Nicole told us about the “beach art” Kerry was so smitten with:

    “I grew up loving trips to the beach. From Jones Beach in New York, to Avalon, NJ and the Delaware Beaches, I’ve enjoyed hunting shells, finding horseshoe crabs and avoiding jellyfish. The dolphins swimming near the shore always bring a huge smile and strong feeling of contentment.

    I also love the calmness and power of the ocean… the creatures and how well they are adapted to it. I like the feeling of happiness that I, and others, get from being at the beach. That joy is what I try to capture in my paintings.

    Like many people, I feel a connection to sea creatures. I’ve been fortunate to snorkel in the Caribbean, and in the Mediterranean in the South of France. The influence for my more exotic creatures comes from collecting images and patterns from those travels. I take a lot of photos of patterns while I’m at the beach and incorporate them into my artwork when I return to my studio and dive into recreating my experiences. The photos are critical in helping me capture the exact light and colors I witnessed.

    The patterns I do reflect the natural patterns on the animals, as well as patterns that might be created by light reflections and shadows. I blend these to capture the whole experience of the creature. I try to include the sense of flowing in the ocean in my pieces as well. I think people respond to the exaggerated colors that bring out the patterns. I just enhance what’s already there.

    I spend a lot of time observing: I tend to choose to take nature walks at whatever shore I’m visiting in order to truly enjoy the natural ocean and shoreline habitats. It allows me to reflect and take a lot of inspirational photos. Hiking is a kind of meditation that allows me the time to truly look and appreciate. Being able to translate this type of sensory experience to a painting, and to another human, is equally transcending.”

    To learn more about the artist and her work, visit her online studio. Along with her beach creations, you’ll find cute alphabet prints (great for kids’ rooms), messenger bags printed with original artwork, and additional “bohemian” animal-themed paintings. If you’re a beach dweller, or want to pretend you are, you’ll enjoy hanging one—or several—of Logan’s gouaches on your walls.

    Follow Nicole on Twitter and Facebook. Better yet, visit The Loft for a taste of the real thing.

  • Ebullient Art Inspiration Message No. 11

    It's been a while since I've shared one of these!

    Ebullient Art Inspiration Message No. 11

    Finish your work well. Take that extra small bit of time. It is actually less time than you think!

    I learned this from two very good professors, one from Haverford College and one from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
    Using this mindset I’m about to share with you while creating puts the professionals apart from the amateurs and makes a good piece become a great one.

    It’s like a great dancer or musician, the greatest dancers wait that extra millisecond to stretch a move to the brink, completing that graceful extension to it’s furthest point, which makes it that much more beautiful. Just as the most experienced and best musicians reverberate warmly on one note, and shorten another, just that tiniest bit, which transforms what is just notes from one performer in to a breathtaking piece from a great musician. That short distance form competent to great is all about setting intention, nothing more.

    So, push your lines to be the best they can be. Take the time to get your colors, edge to edge. Don’t leave lazy white spaces between. Slow down and just finish the edge well. Mix those colors until they are EXACTLY what they should be. Oh, but wait, that sounds painful and daunting doesn’t it? Good news is, it’s not. That’s what I learned from my professors.

    First off, try it, you will find that it does not take that much longer to extend yourself and do what your doing extra well. You’ll be surprised. Just do it, you’ll see. Just breathe deeply and get to it. You’ll be very happy you did, and be very surprised at how little time it actually took.

    Secondly, “well, that’s good enough” is a phrase to be banished from your mind. What you’re actually saying is, “I’m tired of this, and am giving up.” Whether it’s a section of a piece you’re working on or the whole thing, “good enough” isn’t. Not to worry though, everyone wants to say it. It’s completely normal. All that’s happened is that you’ve broken focus and need to remember that you enjoy what you’re doing. That’s why you do it, right? It’s just a little brain fatigue. Take a step back, maybe a little break, and come back to it with a mindset of enjoyment. Think about how much you appreciate the ability to create, and you’ll be so happy that what you were willing to “live with” has very quickly turned in to something you love. And, other people will know it too.

    Just a few notes from my art practice.

    If you’ve missed any of the previous Ebullient Art Inspiration Messages, you can find them here:

    Happy creating!

    1. Zestfully enthusiastic.
    2. Boiling or seeming to boil; bubbling.

  • Nicole Kristiana's Bellefonte Mural in the Delaware News Journal

    Article by Larry Nagengast
    Photography by Jennifer Corbett

    Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 9.16.32 AM

    BELLEFONTE — Best known a decade ago for its funky boutiques and resale shops, Bellefonte is now building a new reputation as an arts colony.

    First came the annual Bellefonte Arts Festival, which has grown steadily in the last five years. Bellefonte Arts, a gallery and studio featuring up to 50 artists, opened in late 2011.

    And now, to celebrate the town and help promote the recent festival, Bellefonte has its first outdoor mural, a bright, eye-catching salute to nature created by Nicole Kristiana Logan, an artist who lives in the north Wilmington town and sells her works online and through Bellefonte Arts.

    Logan, who signs her works as Nicole Kristiana, took a week of vacation from her day job at Bank of America to paint the mural, about 12 feet high and 15 feet wide, in early May on the back wall of Michael’s Bellefonte Barber Shop, at the corner of Brandywine Boulevard and Marion Avenue, the town’s main intersection.

    “It’s animals, highly patterned animals ... animals you can find in Bellefonte – a squirrel, a rabbit, a fox, a blue jay, a cardinal, a puppy and a kitten,” Logan says.

    The mural includes some Delaware themes, peach blossoms, a holly tree and a swallowtail tiger butterfly. In the center is a sparkling fountain, which, despite the town’s name, is something the nearly century-old community still lacks.

    “Hopefully, the mural will inspire someone to want a fountain for the town,” Logan says.

    Frank Holodick, owner of the barbershop, came up with the idea for a mural about three years ago. He talked with Valerie White, who runs Bellefonte Arts and the annual arts festival, and they decided to offer the project to a local artist. Logan’s name came up first, Holodick said, because he and his wife already have purchased some of her paintings.

    “Frank didn’t give me any restrictions,” she says. “He just told me to do something in my style. Hopefully, it makes some people happy.”

    Logan, 37, whose husband Ross is one of the town’s five commissioners, says she enjoys living in Bellefonte because “everybody helps each other out.” And she saw that happening during her eight days of spraying, dabbling and brushing 16 quarts of paint on the concrete and stucco wall.

    “People kept bringing me drinks, offering me coffee, making sure they kept me hydrated,” she says. Motorists would drive by, slow down and smile, and people of all ages walking through town would stop, talk and check on her progress.

    Drawing a little extra attention to the project was Logan’s “puppy” Barnaby, an 8-month-old, 95-pound poodle-golden retriever mix, who rested under an open canopy near the wall while Logan painted.

    “The kids are loving it. They think it’s the greatest thing,” she says. “There was a little guy, about 2½ years old. He brought his grandma up to see it. He had to hug the squirrel.”

  • Mural in Bellefonte- Interview with Frank Holodick and Nicole Logan on WDEL Radio 1150 AM

    Thanks so much to Amy Cherry from WDEL for doing a story on the mural we're all so excited about!

    Video can be seen here:

    A new outdoor painting showcases the thriving arts community in Bellefonte.

    WDEL's Amy Cherry has the story.

    The colorful mural in the center of Bellefonte adds a brightness to even the gloomiest of days.

    Artist Nicole Logan, a Bellefonte dweller, explains her inspiration.

    "Animals that you would find in Bellefonte, I wanted to create the fun and party-style of Bellefonte in it," she laughs.

    The animals are decked out in colorful patterns on what was once just a stark white wall.

    She explains the centerpiece and focal point of the mural.

    "No one knows why Bellefonte is called Bellefonte, which means beautiful fountain. So I envisioned one. It's a bit of a Dr. Seussian style, but I wanted to include that as kind of the center of the town, which we're in," she says.

    Frank Holodick owns the barber shop that's home to the mural. He gave Logan complete control over the mural. He says people absolutely love it.

    "Kids have already named some of the animals, and hugging the animals, so it has done everything that I had hoped for," says Holodick.

    Many can't help but smile as it catches the eye of passersby.

    "I did get the joy of seeing people drive by and go from kind of somber driving face to really happy, smiley face, so that was a lot of satisfaction in doing the piece, some of the characters you wouldn't think could smile, but they did," she laughs.

    Holodick hopes the mural and Bellefonte's art scene will be a symbol of what's to come as the town gears up for its 100th year in 2015.

    "It's going through kind of an organic revitalization. It's not state funded, it's the business owners and the town commissioners, and just the residents themselves, bringing Bellefonte along, pushing it through the next 100 years," he says.

  • FEEL it! Nicole Kristiana Studio at the Bellefonte Arts Festival!

    NKS makes you feel the LOVE!

    Nicole Kristiana Studio Booth at the Bellefonte Arts Festival

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