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  • Adaptation doesn’t often suit me.

    Adaptation doesn’t often suit me.

    Holidays? Eerily excellent. Impactful and sun-warmed gorgeous! New Years was great! The sentiment stays with me, but it was really the same as last, I don’t remember what I did. I thought to check the blog, but…why?

    Had a day that was peculiar. Since I have no poker expression, all representations of peculiar glowed from me. Couldn’t find my boots. I’d laid there until 10 minutes before I had to go. I had planned the clothes in half-warmed sleep. I relished every minute I allowed. In to the clothes that could have been saved from hmmm being… Amish… with a sleek set of boots did not occur. 5 minutes of deep looking and, nope. So, with matching knee socks and suede/mesh baby-doll shoes, I strode in to work. I really couldn’t muster anything but humble in this one.

    Eh, and so the day went on: awkward elevator moments, mis-timed statements, a propensity towards being a little dower and a lot of crossed arms. A friend questioned and we agreed I was just not myself. For whatever reason, the internal bohemian art teacher came out for the day…really…to the loosely tossed hair bun… and CORDUROY! (does that mean “cour du roi?” “cuir du roi?” (heart of the king) (leather of the king) I will have to look that up. Aside)

    I did muster a lot of grateful today, though. Just was very thankful in general. There were even some times of stress when I stood by some of my decisions, though, out of mood. Noted a thoughtfulness of knowing from a friend that I enjoyed and tucked in my mental pocket due to its depth.

    Thought about my birthday as I couldn’t focus, and I thought, I love my friends, and if they come, I want them to feel good and play, so I’m thinking of setting up some long tables with art supplies and just going to town on some projects. Fun ones, big ones, small ones. I have 14 ft. ceilings, that’s boundless in possibility. :{>0<}: I’ll think about that...with wine and music, of course!

    Adaptation doesn’t often suit me.

  • 2-Step

    Cab driver was cool. Asked me which way to take. I said Fourth St.

    Walking in, all friend-faces at the door. Welcomes were offered in several accents. I smiled to hear the familiar sound of Latin Electro !?!?!?!? RAWK !:::

    Free styling invented Salsa dancing, drinking and fun conversation. I met some one new. I met some one from the old days at The Bank. Called downstairs, now, to bump…in five, it’s reggae and we’re really happy.

    We talked about the next day in the cab, laughing again; we started to second-guess smoking what we had in the kitchen. We took the Zen and let the concern fly up to the universe. 2:30 now and our gardener friend calls on his way for impromptu delivery.

    We headed out with Aliyha to exchange plastic for green. Enjoying: the company, sunroof and Rippin Kitten. Staring up at the stars, feeling lucky connected to the sky and building tops.

    Coming back, we saw a man and a lime –green bike on the ground across from the graffiti, coming full circle. In the middle of the street, the white tow-truck stood with lights on and door open. We watched the slow ached movements on the man, he seemed to slow time. We moved on.

    Coming round front, the car came up, we chatted, and…ready for the ride the next day. We started to the elevator, behind us; the lime-green bicycle was being led in by some opportunistic neighbors. Said something, but no light of conscience was connected.

  • Friday... my style.

    Involved in household routines and pleasures, I didn’t get out of the house until the “right time”, late, just like everyone else. Walking to find a cab, I slowed to look at some of the best graffiti in the city. It made me smile as I made a mental note of the warm weather. The graffiti isn’t given justice in the night’s mint green halogen glow. The tunnel of green ebbs and flows along the way. Wouldn’t it be more romantic is it were moonlight, torches or even incandescent?

    Takes longer than I would guess for the cab. In the mean time, I smiled at the misplaced horseman statue. It’s set back a bit. The statue is placed as if it was in the centre square of a town, but it’s on a corner of a busy intersection. One cannot help but know that its self-proclaimed magnificence is often not seen or appreciated.

    Cab is caught after a good-nature “hey mammee”. Now, “down the Rabbit hole.”

  • Friend butterfly :{>0<}:

    Make Butterfly your friend to read entries.

    Warning: Some topics and/or content may be considered by some some to be unsuitable for people under 18, some may be considered unsuitable for people over 18. The entries contain concepts of free thought and exploration. Contains topics that can make the more conservative uncomfortable.

    Feel free to comment at any time.

  • Artist's Statement

    My current works are being done with consideration for the medium. I'm using the mediums for their own properties and qualities. It's an iteration of expressive Bauhaus thought, but far more organic (non-literal).This project is cross-channel: internet, print, canvas, writing, sculpture and music. The cohesive pieces will be found anywhere from blog to outdoor installations to concerts.

    The message, however it may evolve, is about breaking through judgements and falsehoods. I'm exposing societal hang-ups, implied need for general repressing of emotion and consequent lifestyle restrictions. I'm exploring how this can change a person's feelings toward themselves…the resulting affect being very negative in energy for the individual and the people around them. In short, calling out the bullshit of societal moldings through art medium. Calling it out in the very mechanisms from which the media messages are delivered.

    In these phographs, the lines of reality blur and the image manipulates the viewer to make judgements. While the judgements form, the quotations prompt the viewer to confront themselves on their own confidence and question their perception. Using the artist as model increases the level of identification with the subject, causing re-evaluation of the viewer's categorization.

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