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Whelp, defeeted yet again...

I'm out of commission for at least a week.

Just walked off a step the wrong way after dropping Kaelan off to daycare this morning... and here it is.

Since this is about the 10th time, luckily, I have all the gear: crutches, boots, various ace bandages and meds. Oh, and RICE.

Ross and Barnaby have been very helpful. Ross drove us home and has been getting me everything I need. Food, water, coffee, remotes, computers... everything. Plus, he's going to be the one running after little babbo until my ankle can be trusted again.

Barnaby is quite concerned and helpful as well. He carefully follows behind me when I slowly go upstairs to use the loo. He waits step by step and follows as I slowly make it down the hall. He rests near me.

Sad timing really. It's snowing now, and we're expecting another good dump on Tuesday. I would love to romp with Barnaby and Kaelan in the yard. I LOVE snow. But, sadly, I'll just have to watch from the window. Maybe daddy will make a snowman!

Barnaby loves snow a little too much. The only time he wishes to escape the house and yard is during snow. Any other time, he's content with his habitat, but not when it snows. He goes bonkers!

Anywho, I'll be updating soon. In the mean-time, I'll see what art I can get up to, would behoove me to take this time and use it for sketching.

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