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Back to it... :)

So, obviously I didn't make it through my 42 days, but Kaelan (my son, for those who don't know me.:) is now 11 months old. And, I've managed to create 16 new art pieces, so, I think that might be ok.

Kaelan is fantastic. He babs about playing with his dump truck and hiding in his cardboard play condo. He's on the verge of just about everything: walking, talking, climbing, using a fork... I look forward to seeing what new thing he does every day!

These are the newest prints:
open edition elephant, open edition giraffe, American Bald Eagle, wolf, mermaid, llama, manatee, otter, ostrich, stork, flamingo, sloth, rhinoceros, horse, manatee and shark

Here's the Rhino

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Barnaby, my beloved golden doodle, made me laugh today. He was fussing terribly at the front door. So, I'd look out, see nothing and walk away. Three times this happened, until I decided to open the door. I had to move the UPS box near the door to open it. When I saw nothing again, I started back to my couch spot when Barnaby whimpered a mighty whimper... and then it dawned on me... I had ordered dog bones online and they were in the box! He was cringing from my stupidity and his need. I laughed about that all night!

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