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42 Days of Art- Day 8

Don't worry, I'm still painting, just not blogging.
I've had a grumpy baby on my hands, so have been working without updating.

On the research side, I watched a number of youtube videos on Gustav Klimt, marathoned an art theft series on netflix, and sketched out a number of ideas. I've also joined a number of local art groups.

But, I have also been doing a lot of painting. It's the thing that really informs me.

Of the art itself, I've been thinking of exploring my college theme more, "environments", wondering how or if I want to include pattern. I'm continuing to delve into my understanding of color. The medium has completely lost its hurdle I have no fear of it... mostly, due to time. I let things dry or tack as needed. I have better brushes. I can't believe what a difference that investment would have made. A good paintbrush is more valuable than gold. Simply said, they make the mark you intend... so i have more choices as to what I want and how to paint it.

So, here they are, in progress. I may toss the still lives as they're not really my thing but we'll see. They may surprise me.





I've also gotten the courage up to contact people about possibly having a gallery show. I have 30 gouache paintings ready.

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