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42 Days of Art- Day 2

Ok, so last night's painting is too wet to get back into. So, I'm working on another floral, this one, a little more abstracted. It's on hold for the moment as well, due to thick wet paint. Only one more canvas until the new ones I ordered arrive. Wonder what I'll try? Been watching some spray paint artists and Chinese painting documentaries on Youtube. Maybe I'll do a still life of some of Ross's Brewery supplies?

When my husband, Ross, plays Sims, he generally chooses artist as his Sim's vocation. He makes him or her paint day-in and day-out. He does very well with the character. They're almost all Sim Successful, though exhausted. Maybe, just maybe, it's true and it'll be like that in real life. Or... maybe we are already Sims, per Elon Musk's theory. Who knows, but to try?



Happy painting!

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