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42 Days of Art... a life-changing challenge! Day 1.

I've decided to do an art challenge. 42 days of art everyday, no matter what. I made it up for myself, since I have 42 days, 6 weeks, before I go back to work from maternity leave.

Reason behind the challenge is, I want to grow more as an artist. And, I think the best way to do that is work... A LOT. Not that I don't work daily on my animal pieces, studying patterns and lifestyles of the subjects, but this is more intense. I'm trying to push through to a next level. So, I'm disciplining myself to do art and study art each day. I plan to challenge myself with different subjects, different sizes, different media, etc. I'm creating a kind of curriculum. I'll be trying to learn from everywhere. I'll be working on challenging everything I think I know. Of course, I can't spend 10 hours a day drawing and painting now, but I'm doing all I can. And, when I'm not drawing or painting, I'll be reading, watching documentaries or observing works of other artists.

I'm very curious to see what will happen. Will I see noticeable improvement? Will I discover what I want to work on next? Maybe nothing will happen? I haven't marathoned art in a good while.

Goal is to chronicle the process here. Hoping it's fun. :)


Day one progress
Still life- impressionistic/traditional in oil.
18 x 24 canvas



My set-up. Rather nice, if do say so myself. Thinking of exploring my college painting style again, like the painting on the wall. Perhaps deepening my appreciation of "environments".


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