Jul 19 2016

42 Days of Art- Day 2

Ok, so last night’s painting is too wet to get back into. So, I’m working on another floral, this one, a little more abstracted. It’s on hold for the moment as well, due to thick wet paint. Only one more canvas until the new ones I ordered arrive. Wonder what I’ll try? Been watching some spray paint artists and Chinese painting documentaries on Youtube. Maybe I’ll do a still life of some of Ross’s Brewery supplies?

When my husband, Ross, plays Sims, he generally chooses artist as his Sim’s vocation. He makes him or her paint day-in and day-out. He does very well with the character. They’re almost all Sim Successful, though exhausted. Maybe, just maybe, it’s true and it’ll be like that in real life. Or… maybe we are already Sims, per Elon Musk’s theory. Who knows, but to try?



Happy painting!

Jul 18 2016

42 Days of Art… a life-changing challenge! Day 1.

I’ve decided to do an art challenge. 42 days of art everyday, no matter what. I made it up for myself, since I have 42 days, 6 weeks, before I go back to work from maternity leave.

Reason behind the challenge is, I want to grow more as an artist. And, I think the best way to do that is work… A LOT. Not that I don’t work daily on my animal pieces, studying patterns and lifestyles of the subjects, but this is more intense. I’m trying to push through to a next level. So, I’m disciplining myself to do art and study art each day. I plan to challenge myself with different subjects, different sizes, different media, etc. I’m creating a kind of curriculum. I’ll be trying to learn from everywhere. I’ll be working on challenging everything I think I know. Of course, I can’t spend 10 hours a day drawing and painting now, but I’m doing all I can. And, when I’m not drawing or painting, I’ll be reading, watching documentaries or observing works of other artists.

I’m very curious to see what will happen. Will I see noticeable improvement? Will I discover what I want to work on next? Maybe nothing will happen? I haven’t marathoned art in a good while.

Goal is to chronicle the process here. Hoping it’s fun. 🙂


Day one progress
Still life- impressionistic/traditional in oil.
18 x 24 canvas



My set-up. Rather nice, if do say so myself. Thinking of exploring my college painting style again, like the painting on the wall. Perhaps deepening my appreciation of “environments”.


Nov 19 2015

Nicole Kristiana Studio Holiday 2015






griffinad copy

kidsroom copy








Sep 2 2015

Bellefonte Arts, Delaware, and Nicole Kristiana Studio!

October Homecoming!

Some exciting things are happening with Bellefonte Arts and NKS in the next few weeks!

Right now, you can get an exclusive NKS print for FREE!!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.38.02 AM

Also, I will be Bellefonte Arts “Artist of the Month” Featured for the First Friday Wilmington Art Loop on October 2nd, from 6-9 PM.
Bellefonte Arts is located at: 803 Brandywine Blvd # 2, Wilmington, DE 19809 (302) 762-4278

Mark your calendars!

Aug 4 2015

Nicole Kristiana Studio Note Cards and T-Shirts Are HERE!

Many of you have asked me to get T-Shirts and Notecards made with my animal artwork, well, we’ve got them for you now!

Nicole Kristiana Studio T-Shirt

Animal Blank Note Card


Just go to https://www.nicolekristianastudio.com/koi-fish-t-shirt.html for the T-Shirt

Message me for notecards. Each notecard is $3.95

May 12 2015

Exciting Upcoming Shows! May 2015!

The next 2 weeks will be very busy as we show new works at the Bellefonte Arts Festival, travel to the New York Stationery Show and explore new areas like New Paltz, NY!

More to come!


Mar 3 2015

2015 Nicole Kristiana New Stores and Shows

We have 2 new stores!

Unexpected Interiors in League, TX!

Chestnut Hill (Philadelphia, PA)!
Part of the Serendipity Group of stores.
Opening March 2015!

ViX Emporium Go West Craft Fair (West Philly) 4/25
Dover Days (Delaware State Capital Lawn) 5/2 & 5/3
Bellefonte Arts Festival (Bellefonte, DE) 5/16

Javits Center Booth 1145 #fresh section
5/16 to 5/20

Quail Hollow Arts and Crafts Show, Woodstock, NY 5/22-26
Pittsburgh Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA 6/13- 6/14

More to Follow!

Please check out the events section of our Facebook Page for latest updates, and to join for reminders!

Feb 1 2015

Gator, beautiful alligator artwork.

I love this piece. The alligator’s strength and majesty really shows!


Jan 26 2015

Feeling the Big Easy? Love Mardi Gras? How about crawfish?

Please enjoy my new crawfish painting!

Open edition.

crawfish art

Have a taste of Louisiana or Mississippi. Fun crawfish painting for your wall!

Jan 20 2015

Starfish Art Painting

Just finished this week!

Original is gouache on paper. 22″ x 30″.

Prints are available in 4 sizes.

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A wonderful addition to a beach lovers collection!

A wonderful addition to a beach lovers collection!