Nov 6 2017

New Christmas Holiday Artworks and Cards, locally made.

Hi, from Wilmington, DE! These new winter and holiday artworks are ready to ship. Just picked the cards up with my Golden Doodle, Barnaby, sharing the trip from the passenger seat!

The Polar Bear, Penguin and Camel prints are all …

May 3 2017

CreativPaper Magazine Interview

See it here!

We have only scratched the surface with regards to identifying the species
that inhabit our planet. In their myriad of forms and colours, they
each hold a wealth of knowledge that’s just waiting to …

Mar 10 2017

Whelp, defeeted yet again…

I’m out of commission for at least a week.

Just walked off a step the wrong way after dropping Kaelan off to daycare this morning… and here it is.

Since this is about the 10th time, luckily, I have all …

Mar 8 2017

Back to it… :)

So, obviously I didn’t make it through my 42 days, but Kaelan (my son, for those who don’t know me.:) is now 11 months old. And, I’ve managed to create 16 new art pieces, so, I think that might be …

Jul 28 2016

42 Days of Art, day 9.

Went to a store today that sells my works. We needed to do inventory, since it’d been too long, and no numbers in the system were right anymore. Was a bit tougher with a 4 month old in tow, but …

Jul 25 2016

42 Days of Art- Day 8

Don’t worry, I’m still painting, just not blogging.
I’ve had a grumpy baby on my hands, so have been working without updating.

On the research side, I watched a number of youtube videos on Gustav Klimt, marathoned an art theft …

Jul 19 2016

42 Days of Art- Day 2

Ok, so last night’s painting is too wet to get back into. So, I’m working on another floral, this one, a little more abstracted. It’s on hold for the moment as well, due to thick wet paint. Only one more …

Jul 18 2016

42 Days of Art… a life-changing challenge! Day 1.

I’ve decided to do an art challenge. 42 days of art everyday, no matter what. I made it up for myself, since I have 42 days, 6 weeks, before I go back to work from maternity leave.

Reason behind the …

Nov 19 2015

Nicole Kristiana Studio Holiday 2015






griffinad copy

kidsroom copy








Sep 2 2015

Bellefonte Arts, Delaware, and Nicole Kristiana Studio!

October Homecoming!

Some exciting things are happening with Bellefonte Arts and NKS in the next few weeks!

Right now, you can get an exclusive NKS print for FREE!!!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.38.02 AM

Also, I will be Bellefonte Arts “Artist of the Month” Featured for …